Why Food Quality Matters


For the sake of simplicity we’re using the term Whole Foods to mean foods that are nutrient dense and processed foods to mean foods that are calorie dense nutrient dense foods provide nutrients like fiber and vitamins teir body without added sugars or fats calorie dense foods or foods that are high in calories provide little benefit for your body.

People need calories to live But how good you feel your energy levels and your overall health depend not just on getting calories but on the kind of calories.

If you eat a 500 calorie Big Mac or a 500 calorie spinach salad your body’s going to react in two totally different ways If you focus on putting the right calories into your body then you won’t need to worry about reducing your calories Think about putting fuel in your car.

Your car will run better if you put in the fuel that it needs It doesn’t matter how much fuel you put in if you’re putting in the wrong type then the car is going to run sub optimally as a side note I think it’s important to know about why people tend to intake more calories than their bodies need.

The human body is an insanely complicated testament to the concept of evolution It was perfectly designed to eat the exact amount of food that it needed and then stop Unfortunately the options that were available to eat when our bodies evolved are different than the options available today.

Palatability is a beautiful example of one of those evolutionary adaptations that help us to determine what our bodies need and how much to eat If your body were low on sugar and the taste of an apple would be palatable to you once your body had consumed enough sugar to satisfy it a second or third apple would be much less palatable.

This sounds simple except that if you’re a chef or a food manufacturer you don’t want your food just taste good enough you want it to taste so amazing Their customers can’t stop eating it You want it to blow their minds This is where the concept of hyper palatability comes into play.

If a food is hyper palatable It means it tastes really really good It’s like flavor on steroids The corporations that are creating these hyper palatable foods do so by taking those flavors that our taste buds love like salt and sugar and turning them up way up so high up that even though your body doesn’t need any more you keep eating because it tastes so good.

Think about a potato if you cut up a potato into fries and then cook them you would probably eat those fries until you were full and then stop But if you deep fried those fries in fat and then smother them and salt then you may keep eating those fries long after your body was satiated.

The same is true for plain almonds versus roasted salted chocolate covered almonds and most other processed foods This is what the food corporations want They want you to continue eating and buying more food because that’s directly connected to their revenue It’s not any one person’s fault.

That’s just how the system is set up The result is that hyper palatability is a major cause of rising levels of obesity.