How Poor Sleep Impacts YOU?

Sixty million people in the U.S  alone suffer from poor sleep and unfortunately about one in six rely on some type of drug or prescription drug a sleep aid.

And not talking illicit substances or alcohol those are certainly part of the issue in the problem But this is just purely sleep medications and it’s a huge problem it’s a huge risk.

There’s a study in the British Medical Journal that show that people who use benzodiazepines have a 50 that’s 5 0 Increased risk of dementia So if that’s something that applies to you I encourage you to discuss that with your prescribing doctor.

I’m not telling you are giving you medical advice this is an educational course but don’t stop these abruptly I’ve seen this in the emergency department people run out of these medications or try to stop them themselves and end up with a seizure.

Obviously a bad situation really the dangers of your sleep you know those you fuel those you see those around you in the workplace in your family But just to touch on those briefly poor sleep disrupts hormone balance causes weight gain impairs memory causes fatigue poor workplace performance inflames the body increases stress cuts down in muscle mass even if you’re exercising working out and causes poor performance is both physical and mental.

And for those men out there watching this this has a huge impact on testosterone and performance in the bedroom as well which I talk about in more detail in the Men’s Health courses I teach So are you drunk if you skip out and sleep.

The answer shortly Studies clearly show that the more sleep you go without the higher degree of impairment they’ve actually equated this to roughly lethal intoxication.

So for a person who’s sleeping or skipping out and sleep you know with 19 hours without sleeping they actually are functioning at an impaired level legally impaired So keep that in mind as youre trying to get things done you’re trying to drive home from work you’re trying to burn the candle maybe your college student busy executive housewife soccer dad soccer mom whatever all this impairs you.

And if that doesn’t get your attention this slide should the NTSB has shown that there are over 100 thousand accidents every year and of those 1800 people die purely because of sleep deprivation driving in an essentially intoxicated state Reflexes are slowed.

Accidents happen and unfortunately people die So who cares so what you can power through you are you know a warrior you are a stud Well the truth is that sleep actually is critical to maintaining body mass.

And so if you’re skipping out on sleep you’re actually chewing up your tissues you’re cannibalizing yourself eating yourself essentially because cortisol which is a stress hormone skyrockets testosterone decreases and yes ladies this applies to you too there is a certain amount of testosterone that’s critical for memory and bone and muscle mass in women as well.

And then a substance called LGF one not to pound the science into you but that’s insulin like growth factor the growth factor is the key point there that goes down All these things are critical in terms of balance and restoration during sleep.

And when a person skips out of sleep all these issues and these ink in incrementally finally balance finely tuned systems and or body are disrupted and the end result is we’re actually breaking down muscle breaking down protein So you see this a lot.

Just look around you today just when you’re out and about in the public you’re going to see somebody who looks relatively skinny but they sort of have that I don’t know doughy or goopy appearance to them And that’s the term that’s called skinny fat.

And what happens in the state is that they’re losing muscle mass for a variety of reasons including poor sleep the recovery and repair systems are regulated and they’re actually losing lean body mass.

And so even though they look skinny most of what’s there is actually more fat than muscle.
So even though a person may be thin on the body mass index of the scale it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy and that’s a key point to hammer home the you know specific height and weight balance.

In my opinion needs to be thrown out There are so many other more reliable metrics and measures of whether or not a person is fit physically so Another point to stress is that there is no sleep and you can sleep extra hours on the weekend and then just kill it during the week and come out unscathed.

At the end The end result is that your reaction your judgment time your mood your attitude and all that began to suffer There is also a concept called microsleep which a person in a sleep deprived state will zone out lose consciousness drop into sleep for a few seconds then wake back up.

See this in car accidents unfortunate myself have experienced this years ago when I was a emergency medicine resident and undoubtedly anybody who has small children a home sick child you know what it’s like the following day you are wiped out You sit down and before you know what you have nodded off without intending to do so.

So keep that in mind.