Habits For Health And Weight Management


So let’s start with habit.

Number one which is to set goals So we’re going to do is after you done with a slide I want you to stop it And I want you to write down your goals for the 20 days keep the goal smart.

Now what I mean by that is Specific Measurable Attainable results focus and time bound Sparkle’s are nothing new but a lot of people don’t practice And one thing that people forget about is that writing them down in a notepad or a notebook is a great way to hold you more accountable to doing them.

It’s better than say typing on a computer or something magical happens when you actually write them down on paper So go ahead and make sure you have a notebook available and go ahead and write down your goals after you’re done with a slide.

Here’s an example of how you would write a goal of losing 10 pounds by the end of 20 days I wrote the same goal in three different ways so you can decide which will work best for you I have achieved my 10 pound rate where weight reduction in 20 days I am motivated to follow through with a 20 day challenge.

As you can see they’re all a little bit different but they’re all written in a way that it’s like I am or I have achieved in a way that you’re going to really be set up for success versus right Writing something like I’m mining it or I may or I’ll try things like that aren’t as powerful as I am or I have achieved habit to track your food.

Now I’m not going to make this something that you have to do all the time but most people haven’t done it for a long time or they’ve never done it And if that’s the case either way I want you to track your food for just one or two days or look back and track one or two days that you’ve done in the past if you can remember what you’ve eaten.

Do one typical day at a protein carbs fats and calories One caveat with doing one typical day is you don’t want to go ahead and change everything now That kind of defeats the purpose and the awareness of doing this first habit I’m sorry the second habit in the first place.

Be aware of the changes that need to be made There’s lots of debate on this but you want to be at a clerk deficit and focus on quality foods and you don’t want to be too much of a clerk deficit for too long because what will happen is you’ll end up not having the energy that you need.

You’ll not really like it It will become more of a fad diet that it will be a lifestyle change Habit 3 Choose your food plan.

One thing that I’ve done for you is I’ve added some bonus materials in one of the bonus materials you’re going to see a hundred and one different options for you to choose and you’re going to want to choose the option that is going to be best for you if you want quick results then choose an option that’s going to give you quick results if you want results are going to be more sustaining than don’t do something that’s as extreme and that’s up to you how you want to do it is totally your challenge and it’s your journey so you focus on the one that’s going to work best for you.

But do choose one and stick with it So I already talked about that Focus on what you can do NOT what you can’t do or unwilling to do or something that’s just not going to fit into your lifestyle For example I myself am not a vegetarian or vegan It would not fit into my lifestyle I think I tried I like going all vegetarian or vegan one day where I had all veggies and I just was so hungry and it didn’t work for me.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t work for other people I know some people that it works for It also isn’t part of my moral compass where I feel that it’s OK to eat meat So you have to choose for you what’s going to work best Challenge yourself but do not emotionally beat yourself up too many times people focus on what they haven’t done.

Again going back to last last statement what they haven’t done versus what they have done So for example if you would say that you’ve only lost five pounds like it’s a bad thing why not say instead I’m so happy that I lost five pounds So you’re going to have a 20 day plan You want to believe in yourself.

Habit for the salad habit A salad a day keeps the doctor away Not a day Ok so I made that one up Now the truth of the matter is is that having veggies is such a great thing for your results that I wanted to make sure that we were doing this right away as habit.

Number four you’re going to add in a salad every day for 20 days Well not quite 20 days because you’re already on the fourth habit but you get the point The more veggies the better use a dressing low in sugar.

What I like to do is I like to add coconut oil or olive oil or a raspberry vinegar at something that’s healthful and not too high in sugar or calories and a protein source for every salad that I hope you feel full and I’ll sustain it more often feel you sustain for longer You can add eggs chicken tuna Turkey and so on.