Body’s pH Level

So we are basically almost in a sense Water beans outside of the calcification and the other carbon Prince that we have inside of us.

And of course metals etc  trace elements all of those things But the biggest part of us is water So we need to take into consideration the pH value scale for water and whether something is considered alkaline or acidic.

And now I’m just going to tell you right off the bat whether you’re acidic or alkaline The point is is that being too far in one direction is a bad thing Balance is the key point of living life if you end up going in one direction you need to stretch in the other so that where you have balance otherwise you’re going to end up seeing over time that there’s a huge buildup and that creates very very bad situations.

We don’t want to be in.
And it’s very odd because these skills can go really out of whack really quick and not to the point where you know we want to be at a pH of 7 as you can see here that’s the black But most of the times we’re going to be slightly alkaline we’re going to be somewhere between you know a 7.3 and sometimes even a 7.5.

Now if we’re acidic that is very bad It’s very be slightly more alkaline than it is to be slightly acidic Now different parts of our body are going to have different levels of ph So again the best way to often tell this is to get ph strips and be able to do multiple tests.

They’ll have an actual die for you to follow and just follow the PH strips that usually almost always all come with them And usually you’re going to do either urine and saliva and different types of PH values because again inside your stomach your pH will probably be somewhere between a three 3.5 even 3.8 And why.

Because it needs to be basically like acid to break down food But the rest of your body shouldn’t be So the average that you should usually have we’re aiming for is basically a seven to a seven point five Most people unfortunately if you eat fast food you’re a little bit overweight you suffer from you know bad breathing whatever it is all these types of issues.

Oddly enough I’m not going to say that that all stems from it it’s the cure all for everything but you’re going to have some improvements to say the least when you improve your pH levels inside your body It make sure that there is not an environment for cancer to grow.

Make sure that there isn’t an environment for certain things or viruses to get out of hand
We all live naturally Everyday we touch things and we have all these bacteria all around us all over It’s kind of crazy but it’s the internal environment that makes the difference.

So your pH levels are very important to you literally living or dying as you can see Acidic lake or you know frogs and tadpoles and crayfish mayflies they tend to die ph of 5 trout fish they all die at the PH of six so you can see that it’s very quickly you got to you know keep your pH levels at a 7 or above or else you can get into the CITIC level that can get dangerous for your health.

And when I mean dangerous food health I mean it creates an environment where these virus and bacteria grow and that’s why it’s dangerous it’s the environment It’s not that being an acidic or bean alkaline makes you automatically healthy it creates the environment to promote health or death basically.

So with that being said I’m going to include both of these pictures and a PH chart so we can kind of see different ideas of foods you can even eat alongside What I’m going to be showing as my one method that I use and this is basically it you know you do this and just exercise whenever you need to which I think you should do two times a week especially for our cemetery lives that we live nowadays and as we go forward into a more AI driven world where we’re going to be more thought process work than physical manual label work labor work.

So with that being said there is again your pH of 10 right here you’re looking for you know alfalfa grass cucumbers carrots a lot of things that are great to consume raw And sadly you know carrots things like that you’re gonna have to do your research You want organic.
You don’t want pesticides There’s a whole genre that goes into that.

But even with that being said in fact what I do too even with pesticides and all that I have a little side thing that I use you know I’ll stick all these things inside the fridge and I’ll use what I’m about to show you as a technique with this one tool and it improves the quality of all of the fruit.

And me and veggies and does it make it perfect No I mean obviously the difference between organic and raised with love and a cold driven manufacturing process that has Guillermo’s that cause God knows what types of mutations to our DNA over the coming decades.

We’ll find out right But it’s the idea that hey whatever you have that’s all you can afford I get it But let’s make it one step better right And if you can make everything just plus one that’s the idea your whole life will be so much better.

It’s all about improving the small things and a lot of small things add up to a big thing So just keep the ideas inside this chart maybe things that you’ve been eating Keep ideas in mind that you don’t want too much acidic food.

That’s why it’s going to turn your body into you know an environment that allows these types of bacterias that deteriorate your health and cause you to age quicker cause you to And that’s all it is.

Oxidation aging is just an oxidation process of the cells in perfectly replicating themselves.
Basically that’s what it is broken down.

So with that being said let’s go ahead and get into the tools that I use and a little bit of which specific models I like and how to use them.